With the help of our team of highly skilled experts, we continue the tradition of providing nutritious and tasty food, through innovative products that bring the necessary balance to your dynamic lifestyle.

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Over 90 years of experience

Scandia Food is the leader in the Romanian canned meat market, dominating for instance the canned spreads category, with a market share in volume of over 46% (source: AC Nielsen, 2014) as well as covering other segments such as vegetable spreads, canned meats and canned ready meals.

In 2010 we have expanded into two new lines of business; quick service restaurants and charcuterie and cold cuts production. Currently we have 3 restaurants in Bucharest, in the major shopping centers.

Discover Scandia Food

Quality and safety

Scandia Food has been and will continue to be synonymous to quality, tradition, and innovation; our new production site, opened in 2010, being living proof of this promise. 

Ensuring Quality Assurance of Scandia Food products is the main drive of the whole team and is one of the principal factors in the enduring success for Scandia products. 

We are continuously concerned to meet consumer and customer satisfaction and to be able to offer them products and services of a high standard, to enhance Scandia Food’s reputation. 

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