Recruitment process
Human resources recruiting policies and principles

Our principles and policies from the recruiting perspective are to select, employ, keep and develop the best candidates through a highly professional, democratic and transparent process which will ensure the company’s future most valuable resource: human resource.

Our recruiting team performance is also reflected in the ability to fully and accurately assimilate fresh employees.

During the recruiting process there are some aspects that we think are very important: the balance between formal education and practical experience, compatibility between personal attitude and values and company’s organizational culture, the will of candidates to adhere to our competence model and their drive to constantly develop it, their growing potential and professional development.

The steps in recruiting process:
  • Advertising vacancies
    we make our vacancies public by means of several channels and they will include details of the job and a candidate profile; we also refer to our own data base;
  • Analyzing applications
    the criteria used when first analyzing the applications include education, former work experience, area of specialty, competences and competences levels and passing the necessary tests. The candidates showing the greatest compatibility to the job requirements are to be selected.
  • Preliminary interview
    at this stage, we perform preliminary checking of candidates meeting minimum requirements of the job, professional certifications, knowledge of foreign languages and other technical competencies with a view to indentify the candidates suitable for the next selection step.
    Another important step of this stage is represented by the interviews with the prospective candidates, which are conducted by a human resources specialist. The interviews outcome is documented and kept in our data base. Only selected candidates are notified.
  • Selection
    the candidates that pass preliminary tests make it to the short list and will stand the final interview.
  • Final interview and employment decision
    the final interview is conducted by the manager or the head of the department for which the candidate applied. In this stage the candidates have the chance to demonstrate their best competences, to find extensive details of the job and more about the Scandia Food team. This is also the step where other important requirements for the job are investigated (specific test, assessment center, etc)
  • Communicating the offer to the selected candidate
    selected candidates receive the formal employment offer containing details of remuneration package, job description, assessment criteria, position in organizational structure, employment formalities.
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