01 June 2012

Scandia Sibiu celebrates 90 years of excellence

Sibiu – June 1st 2012 – Scandia Sibiu, the brand that kept the Romanian culinary tradition alive turns 90!

Scandia Sibiu celebrates this year 9 decades of tradition, innovation and quality alongside its consumers and treats them to some dainty surprises: anniversary packaging, limited editions and stories from the old mansion - the place of origin of Scandia Sibiu’s recipes inspired by the culinary art of the past times.

 One of the most durable Romanian brands, Scandia Sibiu was noted right from the beginning due to the cutting edge technology it used, the high quality of the products and the good retail strategy. The basic principles that established Joseph Theil’s plant in 1922 are lived by today. Unique recipes, savoury, high quality ingredients together with stylish packaging and a varied portfolio are the attributes to be found in today’s DNA of Scandia Sibiu brand.

 “We are proud to keep the 20’s culinary tradition alive. The passion, the care for the consumer and the detailed attention to what we do are the very foundation of which Scandia Sibiu was built and the attributes that we value and live by even after 90 years.” – Alexandra Bucur, Marketing Manager

 On this very special occasion we have another surprise on shelf for our consumers, two classic products right out of the old mansion cooking book, Wild Boar Terrine and Stag Terrine.

 “We have been writing history for 90 years and all this time we have been able to keep the culinary art of the past. We are thankful for it first of all to our consumers because together with them we have written the story of a brand that is well known both nationally and abroad.”- Andrei Ursulescu, CEO

 Being in touch with our consumers has always been a priority for Scandia Sibiu and this anniversary is also marked by the launching of our Facebook page  Here you will find stories from the old mansion with the culinary art from the past times kept alive in today’s recipes. On this page Scandia Sibiu wants to become your trusted conversational partner on Romanian cuisine and to carry its values on, as well as to establish an online community.