Bucegi is the preferred brand due to the excellent quality -price ratio and its taste equally appreciated by young and old. Leader in the category of liver pate, with a market share of 28% in volume (according to retail audit ACNielsen Romania, 2014), the Bucegi brand has gone through a process of repositioning, anchoring it strongly in the medium price segment.

This has changed the design of the packaging and its communication, becoming a friendlier and warm trademark that supports good manners, education, and family balance. The Bucegi Liver pate (pork, chicken or goose) is the ACE up the sleeve of each household in Romania when it comes to snacks and quick meals. A snack with Bucegi pate on a slice of freshly baked bread is one of the joys of the day spent with the family.

Bucegi Pate may be used as an ingredient for tasty snacks such as: stuffed eggs, pastries with paté, etc.


The child of Bucegi brand is Bucegi Junior, a brand developed especially for children, in partnership with Disney. The products, available in three varieties of pate -chicken, turkey, pork do not contain E's, preservatives or dyes, have low fat and salt. The recipes are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the European Norms and Disney relating to child nutrition.


In his portfolio, Bucegi has two other categories of Bucegi: canned meat and ready meals. Preserved meat can be used for preparation of nutritious and tasty meals for the whole family. Whether they are combined with fresh vegetables in a tasty salad or spaghetti with meat, meat balls, schnitzels or other preparations, Bucegi meats can be a source of inspiration for an extensive dinner on everyone's taste.
Three types, of ready meal to help those who want to have a quick and tasty meals.