Bucegi is a fan favorite among consumers due to the excellent price-quality ratio and the beloved taste by adults and children alike. It is by far a market leader in the liver pate segment with a market share of 33.7% (according to audit retail data ACNielsen Romania, DJ 2019). The brand Bucegi went through a market repositioning process, deeply embedding itself in the mid-range segment.

The brand has changed its packaging design and the whole communication strategy, in the purpose of becoming a friendlier, more approachable brand that supports growth, education and family balance. The liver pates (pork, chicken or goose) are an ace up any housewife’s sleeve when it comes to a quick snack. A quick bite of Bucegi Pate spread on a fresh loaf of bread is one of the tiny moments of joy within family quality time.

Bucegi Pate can be used as an ingredient for other snacks such as:  devilled eggs, puff pastry etc.

Bucegi Junior

The child of the Bucegi brand is Bucegi Junior – a brand created alongside Disney, designed for children. The product consists of three versions of pate – chicken, pork and turkey, with no E numbers, preservatives or food colorants. All of the recipes abide by European standards and Disney requirements regarding children’s nutrition.

Meat and ready meals

In its portfolio, Bucegi also includes two more categories of canned products: canned meat and ready meals. The canned meat assortments can be easily used for quickly preparing a tasty, nourishing meal for the entire family. Whether they are sided by fresh vegetables in a delicious salad, or used in combination with pasta, as meatballs or even as schnitzels, the Bucegi meat can be a true source of inspiration for a varied dinner that everybody loves!
The ready meals, in all 3 assortments, are coming in handy to those who are looking for a quick, tasty meal.