Shaping our future

In January of 2018, Scandia launched the strategic program “Shaping Our Future” with the sole objective of improving the company’s versatility and agility, ultimately impacting Scandia’s organizational culture. In 2018 the program was including only the first two levels of management (Top and Middle Management). The program set up an environment in which you could openly debate the problems the business was facing, where important decisions were taken to initiate projects aiming to improve both critical business aspects but also simple work environment issues. Last but not least, the participating management team members got to train and improve a series of abilities that would ultimately improve the relationship between the teams and got to re-energize everyone.


The objectives of  “Shaping Our Future”

Accountability: We all have the responsibility of creating a pleasant work environment that promotes performance.

Involvement: We all contribute with ideas, feedback and concrete action to create this workflow.

Simplicity: We listen and communicate assertively and efficiently with everybody involved.

Unity: We are managing our energy and our team’s energy in a unitary and pleasant fashion, respecting differences and searching for common grounds.