More than 90 years of experience

Scandia Food is the Romanian market leader in canned meat, leading the category of canned spreads, with a market share of over 43% (source: AC Nielsen, AS 2018), also covering other segments such as vegetable spreads, canned meat and canned ready meals. In 2010 we expanded into two new lines of business: quick service restaurants and cold cuts production.

We currently have 3 restaurants in Bucharest, serving the cities’ biggest shopping centers. Our team of 600 specialists were the determining factor for the astounding turnover of more than 41 million euros in 2013.

Leading brands

Scandia Food currently owns a highly notorious portfolio among consumers.

Whether we are talking about Scandia Sibiu, Bucegi or Sadu, every one of them strikes the customers’ taste buds with unique advantages; Scandia Sibiu is targeting the premium section of the market with its clean recipes, high quality ingredients and no E numbers. Meanwhile, Bucegi is aiming for the customers who are considering a tasty meal, loved by the entire family at a more accessible price point. Sadu, however, is made for those who live in the nostalgia of homemade food, made by their parents or grandparents, flavored by its rural provenience.

At the same time, the modern retail shelves also host the premium brand that goes by the name of Via, whose portfolio contains jars of fine pates with no additives.

Moving to a new factory in 2010

Scandia Food will always be determined by quality, tradition and innovation alike, promise that is strongly backed by the standards of our newest factory, opened in 2010.

In order to meet the highest standards our factory was built with:
An investment of over 40 million euro
Machinery and technology held to the highest standards
Production area of over 182000 sq ft Discover Scandia Food Do you want us to be partners?



Josef Theil – A man of German origin and well renowned among sausage and cold cuts manufacturers in Sibiu, establishes “The Thiel cold cuts and canning factory.”

The Theil factory rapidly gains notoriety due to its modern technology used to manufacture the highest quality products and a very well managed distribution network in a growing market.


The Theil Company is going through continuous growth and gains local representatives in every major city in the country. It establishes its own network of distribution and logistics and extends the product portfolio from its’ main product – salami- to: cold cuts, specialties, canned meats (ham, liver sausage, liver pate, goulash and canned sausages). The Theil factory maintains it’s high standards and capacity despite the global economic crisis recorded at the time also known as the Great Depression.



The Theil Factory becomes Scandia Română


Transition period – the factory is exclusively used for exports to countries such as: U.S.A., The United Kingdom, Germany, the former Soviet Union and Japan, up until 1996. At that time it restarts production for the Romanian market.



Following a public auction, the company is taken over by its current shareholders, thus becoming a 100% private company



Scandia becomes Scandia Food, as a result of one of the most complex rebranding programs of any Romanian company.