Scandia Food is the leader on the market of meat products from Romania, dominating the canned spreads category, with a market share in volume of over 46% (source: AC Nielsen, 2014) and covering and other segments as well as vegetable spreads, meat and canned food. In 2010 we have expanded with two new lines of business: quick service restaurant and cold cuts production.

Currently we have 3 restaurants in Bucharest, in the major shopping centers. We have a team of 600 people professionals without which we would not be able to achieve a turnover of over 200 million lei.


Scandia Food currently holds a portfolio of brands with a very good reputation among consumers.

Whether we speak of Scandia Sibiu,Bucegi Sadu, any of them manages to reach consumers through various pluses; Scandia Sibiu is the target`s premium ally looking for clean recipes, without E`s and high quality ingredients, while Bucegi is on the tables of those who want tasty meals enjoyed by all the family members and at an affordable price, and Sadu is addressed to those whofeel nostalgia about country food, made by parents or grandparents.

At the same time, modern retail shelves host also premium brand products Via,in which portfolio can be found fine pates in jar, without additives.


Scandia Food has been and will continue to be synonymous to quality, tradition, and innovation; our new production site, opened in 2010, is being a living proof of this promise.

Maintaining the highest standards, the new factory consists in:

An investment of more than €40 million;
Equipment and technologies up to the highest standards;
Production area of more than 17,000 sqm; Discover Scandia Food Do you want us to be partners?



Josef Theil – ethnic German, renowned at the time in Sibiu among sausage and cold cuts makers, sets up “The Theil cold cuts and canning factory”.

The Theil factory quickly earns notoriety due to the modern technologies used, high quality products, and their well managed distribution in a growing market.


The Theil Company experiences continuous growth; local representatives in all the big towns from Romania, distribution through its own transport capabilities, expanding of product portfolio; from salami – as the main product – to: sausages, cold cuts specialties, canned meats (ham, liver sausage, liver pate, goulash, canned sausages). The Theil factory maintains its standards and capacity despite the Great Depression.


The Theil Factory becomes Scandia Română


Transition period – the factory exports its entire production to countries such as; USA, UK, Germany, the ex. Soviet Union, and Japan, until 1996, when it starts producing again for the Romanian market.


Following a public auction the company is taken over by the current owners, becoming a company with 100% private ownership.


Scandia becomes Scandia Food, following one of the most complex re-branding processes ever undertaken in the Romanian market.