Florin Pop Vancea, the mountaineer from Cluj has affiliated with Scandia Sibiu

As of April 2016, Florin Pop Vancea, the Cluj-born climber has associated his image with Scandia Sibiu, a brand in the Scandia Food portfolio, the market leader of meat-based canning in Romania.

The partnership between Florin Vancea and Scandia Sibiu is natural, considering that these products are also aimed at people who, wanting to leave the city’s daily routine for one or more days, find a reliable ally in the canned spreads and ready meals. All the more so as these products are clean, have no E numbers and are obtained from high quality ingredients and are preferred to other similar brands.


Florin has been eating Scandia Sibiu products for many years in his numerous mountain trips: “I pay attention to my nutrition, especially in the outings that require particularly intense physical effort and often times, I found in Scandia Sibiu, a reliable ally, therefore, as far as I am concerned, I find this partnership as natural and welcome as possible. I didn’t hesitate much when I was contacted by Scandia Food, first of all because I am permanently interested in promoting quality Romanian brands. I have already tested most of their products, so I am convinced of the high quality of the products.” said the local climber.

Scandia Sibiu, leader in the premium segment, is a Romanian brand with over 90 years of experience, that offers its consumers carefully made dishes based on ingredients of the highest quality. The variety of the Scandia Sibiu portfolio consists in meat pates, vegetal appetizers, ready meals and canned meat. The main benefit of Scandia Sibiu is the fact that its recipes do not use E numbers, preservatives or any other additives. This is possible because of the traditional process of packaging the product in a water bath, process also used by Joseph Theil, the founder of the initial factory – in 1922. This way we can ensure that the products we offer are always clean and tasty. Florin Pop Vancea is the founder of the “Flo Adventure” climbing and survival school and is also president of I.F.B.S (International Federation of Bushcraft and Survival) since 2013. He has been mountaineering for over 28 years and is an expert in survival techniques. Florin also went on numerous mountain expeditions in which he explored Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America.

Other big companies also joined forces with this sportsman:

Pro Nutrition, for any endurance sport events, the Lowe Alpine backpacks, through their Romanian distributor, AltiSport, GoPro and the shoe company S-KARP.

Alongside the projects that are encouraging responsible tourism on the Romanian territory, this collaboration between Florin Vancea and Scandia Sibiu is proposing a healthy lifestyle that enables sports and eating high quality, clean products.  “We are continuously committed to meet our customers’ satisfaction, and we are determined to offer them products and services of the highest quality to improve and sustain the reputation of Scandia Food brands. The affiliation with Florin Vancea is welcome and we believe he will be acting as our voice in specific scenarios, on exciting mountain climbs where you can always find Scandia Sibiu’s target audience.” said Andra Botan, Marketing Manager at Scandia Food.

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