Hey, everybody! Scandia Sibiu has recipes with no E numbers!


The source of our inspiration stems right from our consumers. We listen to their opinion; we understand their habits and we search for their information – thus their wishes when it comes to food are catered to in our recipes.

In order to do so, we are keeping the same tradition, recipes and methods since 1920, adapted, of course to modern times. The same way as 100 years ago there were no preservatives or other additives, today is no different. The Scandia Sibiu products do not contain E numbers!

The natural question is “How can it not contain any preservatives if a can lasts up to two years?” Well, the answer is simple – water baths, also known as bain-marie. To be more precise, we are replicating and upscaling the sterilization process that our mothers and grandmothers apply when they prepare home made jams and other preserved foods. They get boiled at a minimum of 120 degrees Celsius for long enough that all the micro-organisms present get destroyed. The products are hereby safe to be consumed.

We are excited for you to try them as well! Let us know what you thought!