To those who remember the home-made country-style food, Sadu is offering the “rural” taste, suitable for every moment – whether you are at home or at work etc. The recipes are simple, with no sophisticated ingredients: just pure, simple Romanian food. With a good, honest taste, the Sadu pate rapidly became a best-seller due to its earned notoriety and attractive price point.

Cooked by a traditional recipe, with authentic Romanian flavor, the Sadu meat is appreciated by the consumers due to its consistency (high percentage of meat – over 50%). The meat can be found in 3 assortments: chicken, pork and beef – all in 300g packages. Sadu ready meals, with the rural flavors, cooked with simple and tasty ingredients, offer the most popular Romanian dishes. The taste of childhood memories is present in each Sadu recipe.


Prepared according to traditional recipes, with a taste of authentic Romanian peasant Sadu meat is valued by consumers due to its consistency (high content of 50%). These can be found on the market in 3 types: poultry, pork, beef from the Pack of 300 g.