For those who have food nostalgia for good old home made country fare made by parents or grandparents, we offer them Sadu suitable at any time; at home, at work, etc. The recipes are simple, without sophisticated ingredients: tasty Romanian dishes, simple and fair. With a good and honest taste, Sadu Pate has become one of the best-selling products in this range in a very short time due to the notoriety gained and attractive price. Made to a traditional recipe, with an authentic Romanian taste the Sadu luncheonmeat is appreciated by consumers due to its consistency (high content of meat; at least 50%). The meat can be found in three assortments: poultry, pork, beef, all in 300 g cans. Sadu, ready meals with their country flavour, simple ingredients cooked, and tasty, they provide the most popular Romanian recipes: tripe soup and baked beans with sausage or with pork belly. The taste of “childhood memories” is found in each Sadu recipe.


Prepared according to traditional recipes, with a taste of authentic Romanian peasant Sadu meat is valued by consumers due to its consistency (high content of 50%). These can be found on the market in 3 types: poultry, pork, beef from the Pack of 300 g.