Long-term success, for nearly a century, the national recognition of a strong brand and supreme position owned on canned meats market are the performance and construction of “our secret ingredient”, team Scandia Food, which had over time the ambition and the capability to ensure the company’s continued growth.

Team Scandia Food stalls are the strength of our company, which made the difference in the long run in a complex competitive environment, getting into business performance.

We have a professional team of managers, experts and specialists, in full transformation, aspiring to high performance, they know the role and impact in business and whose behaviors are directed by a number of valuable skills: customer orientation, teamwork, sense of responsibility, positive attitude, development, communication and correlation, action orientation, creativity, innovation, project management, leadership , strategy.

Organizational culture and values of our team

Our team has defined values, some of which have origins in the past, the tradition, and now they are enriched by modern values that support the vision and mission of the company.


Scandia Food team members are motivated to learn and develop throughout their professional career. Have the ability to know your strengths and weaknesses, and to seek continuously to improve the issues identified to develop a permanent team of subordinates and to create an organizational culture focused on excellence through learning and development.


Our employees work with passion and are proud that you are part of team Scandia Food and contributes directly to the growth and performance of the company.


Our team is aware of its social responsibility, through the care that it has to offer day by day to his fellowmen innovative and nutritious through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle by developing educational programmes and activities for the protection of the environment, to improve the lives of consumers.


The changes that occur in consumer preferences determine the team to have a permanent opening to progress, the ability to propose, generate and implement new and creative ideas to achieve the strategic objectives of the Organization, while retaining the traditional Fund of the company.