Scandia Sibiu is a premium Romanian brand with over 90 years of experience in providing carefully prepared food, with no artificial add-ons, based on high quality ingredients and unique recipes.

Scandia Sibiu products are inspired by old, unique recipes, back from a time when food was treated with care and respect.

Homemade style Pate

Crafted with care and respect, The House Pate has a distinct flavor due to the liver bits and the coarse texture much like the homemade pate. Clean, without additives, just how we like it!


Liver Pates are designed for the consumers who appreciate the clean recipes, with no E numbers or artificial additives, that maintain the refined taste, unchanged for more than 90 years.

Out of desire to cater towards our customers needs and the tendency of  leading a healthier lifestyle, Scandia Sibiu took the natural step towards eliminating any additives, food colorants, E numbers, and preservatives from the majority of the recipes, now offering quick snacks with no compromise.

Known as innovating products from a packaging standpoint, the Scandia Sibiu pates are a perfect quick snack that can make even the most avid of chefs envious.

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Scandia Sibiu Spot Mancare

Scandia Sibiu Spot Pate

Respect de la Sibiu fara E-uri

Pateul Casei

Vegetal Appetizers

Eliminating any and all artificial additives, E numbers, food colorants, and flavor enhancers   from our vegetal appetizer recipes, is a natural response to the call for a healthier lifestyle. The new Scandia Sibiu recipes offer without any compromise, a pleasant culinary experience.

The new range of vegetal products is offering:

  • Diversity in times when fasting is imposing a strict diet.
  • Multiple combinations of tasty vegetables
  • An alternative for the meat-based pate
  • A light, tasty snack

Ready meals

Ready meals are perfect if you are in the mood for a beef soup or if you are missing the savory taste of Pork Knuckles with Beans or the home-made stuffed cabbage rolls. They cater to the most pretentious of tastes, with distinctive savor and quality because they do not contain E numbers or any other additives (food colorants, preservatives or flavor enhancers)

As these meals are based on carefully selected recipes that normally require a long time to cook, they quickly became the favorites of those who want a quick, tasty meal that is ready to go at any moment.


Even though our canned beef, pork ham or pork barrel in aspic can be served with various side dishes, we were especially careful in selecting these recipes so that they can also be served on their own.

The tender meat of Scandia Sibiu beef or pork selection, which is carefully selected and canned in its own juice, has a high meat content (85% beef and 90% pork meat). If it’s accompanied by a fresh or pickled vegetable salad you will discover the taste of a complete meal that provides you with both the protein and vitamins that are vital for your body.

The Scandia Sibiu pork ham also has a unique recipe that includes the best ingredients (85% pork leg). Serve it with a side of rice and a glass of red wine and enjoy the meal!