Scandia Sibiu is a Romanian premium brand with an experience of over 90 years in Romania and provides not only carefully prepared food, but it is also without any artificial additives, which is due to the high quality ingredients used and unique recipes.

Scandia Sibiu products are inspired from recipes of long ago, from the time when food was treated with care and respect.



Pregătit cu atenție și respect, Pateul Casei are un gust aparte datorită bucaților de ficat și texturii grunjoase asemănătoare pateului făcut în casă. Curat, fără E-uri, așa ne place!


The liver pates are intended for consumers who appreciate recipes without artificial additives, and refined taste, kept unchanged for over 90 years.

In its desire to meet the needs of consumers and their care to lead a healthier life, Scandia Sibiu found it a natural step to eliminate additives, coloring agents, preservatives, in almost all its recipes for pies and dishes, offering quick snacks now without any compromise.

Known as innovative products in terms of packaging, Scandia Sibiu pates are perfect for a quick bite, which would be the envy of even the most skilled cooks.

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Respect de la Sibiu fara E-uri

Pateul Casei


Eliminating artificial additives, E-s, dyes, flavor enhancers from vegetable appetizers recipes comes as a natural step in response to the need of consumers to lead a healthier life. New Scandia Sibiu recipes offers a pleasant dining experience without compromise.

The new range of vegetable products it proposes to provide:

– diversity in periods when the station’s conduct requires a specific diet
– combination of tasty vegetables
– an alternative to meat pates
– a quick snack, easy and delicious


Meals are perfect if you wish a beef soup or if you lack the tasty taste of beans with ribs or “sărmăluțelor” just as like mom’s house , manages to extinguish the most demanding taste throu flavor and quality because they do not contain additives or E-s (dyes, preservatives or other artificial flavors).

Offering dishes based on specially selected recipes, which normally requires a great time cooking, these products have become available for those who want a quick and tasty meal ready to serve at any time.

Although our preserves with beef, pork, tender ham or boiled pork in aspic may be served with various garnishes, we cared to make a careful selection so you can enjoy even the simple, without garnish.

(Română) CARNE


Deși conservele noastre cu carne de vită, porc sau șuncă pot fi servite cu diverse garnituri, noi ne-am îngrijit să facem o selecție atentă şi specială a acestora astfel încât să le puteți servi chiar şi simplu, fără garnitură.

Carnea fragedă Scandia Sibiu de vită sau de porc, anume aleasă și scăldată în suc propriu, are un conținut mare de carne (85% carne vită respectiv 90% carne porc). Dacă o acompaniezi cu o salată de legume proaspete sau murate vei descoperi savoarea unei mese complete care îți furnizează atât proteinele cât şi vitaminele extrem de necesare organismului.

Sunculița fragedă din pulpă de porc Scandia Sibiu are la bază de asemenea o rețetă unică și cele mai bune ingrediente (85% pulpă de porc). Însoțeşte-o cu o garnitură de orez şi un pahar de vin roşu şi savurează în tihnă!